Based on morality, possess both ability and political integrity

Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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-- Human Resources Concept
Human resources are the first important resource for the long-term development of an enterprise.
[Have both ability and political integrity, knowing people and benevolent] is the long-term employment philosophy of Changbang Stock.
We respect the individual and advocate the spirit of integrity, innovation and continuous improvement.
Professional talents and management talents suitable for the needs of corporate strategic transformation and rapid development will have unlimited development in Changbang.
Principles of Talent Training
--Combine personal goals with corporate goals
         Changbang shares respects the development of every employee, encourages employees to make full use of the company's sound training and development system to plan their personal careers, and guides them to combine personal development goals with corporate development goals. Supported by the comprehensive staff training and development system, and under the influence of the good development environment and atmosphere of the entire company, the talents of employees are maximized, personal ideals are fully realized, personal abilities are continuously improved, and personal ideological realm Harmony continues to sublimate, forming a patriotic, law-abiding, dedicated, professional, and professional staff team. At the same time, the company's goals can also be achieved on this basis.
--Principles of Human Resources Training
         Well-trained employees are the company's assets. In order to support the company's sustainable development and maintain its competitiveness in the industry, self-improvement and proactiveness are the inevitable path for employee development. Effective training not only improves the work skills of employees, but also strongly supports the dissemination and recognition of corporate culture, and cultivates the unity concept of Changbang shares as a home. Therefore, Changbang shares has established a complete training system, whether it is theoretical and practical training for new employees, basic skills training for various positions, comprehensive quality training for management personnel, and corporate culture training for a positive working attitude. Provide corresponding support for the growth of employees and the development of the company.


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